How to get involved and gain experience

Code for Life would not have been possible without the dedication of our volunteers.

In 2014, computing was added to the UK curriculum, requiring schools to teach coding principles and programming foundations.

Recognising a need to support teachers and students in navigating the uncharted territory, Ocado Technology deployed an army of internal volunteers who worked after hours, fuelled by free pizzas and fizzy drinks.

What came out of this, is what you see today, used by educators and learners from over 150 countries. Our products are open-source and free forever.

Our products

The portal or website

This is the gateway for users to get to know who we are and what we do. It hosts our web-based games and plenty of teaching resources.

Rapid Router

An introduction to coding that is aimed at Key Stages 1-3 (age 5 to 14). Built on Blockly, it's a visual programming language similar to Scratch. The levels start off with Blockly and gradually progress to Python. With 109 levels, Rapid Router is our flagship game with the biggest user base.


A multiplayer game that is aimed at older students of Key Stages 3 and up, it is primarily for use in a class or a club setting. Students code in Python to move their avatar around in order to complete tasks. Parts of Kurono are still in development.

Rapid Router

How you can contribute

Today, there is a small dedicated team working full time on Code for Life. In 2021, we're expecting to reach over 100,000 newly registered teachers and students. We need your help to do even more.

If contributing to open-source projects to support education in coding and technology sounds exciting for you, we'd love to have you on board!